Web and Mobile Apps Development

office-612532_1280Think a custom website would cost you a fortune?  If you do, that’s understandable, because they did in the past – but now days that is not necessarily the case.  Thanks to open source software, organizations are benefiting from many powerful online applications at very low cost.  The question today is not so much IF you can afford the technology, the question is HOW should you be using it to meet your goals.

Many valuable online software packages such as ecommerce, elearning, fundraising, directories, communities and forum are available for free.  The only cost is in the setup and maintenance of the application.  Consider the following list of additional options…

  • blogs / CMS
  • real estate
  • church
  • appointments
  • jobs
  • events
  • classifieds
  • multimedia
  • social network, chat
  • maps
  • affiliate
  • ads
  • autoresponse email
  • response forms

The amount and quality of free software that is available is really incredible.  If you run a business or non-profit, there is a good chance that these type of tools can create value for you at an affordable cost.  Why don’t we talk about your needs or ideas?