Youth Vocational Training Program

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churchGiving Orphans Hope

Orphans need more than clothing, food and shelter.  They need a profession so that they can provide for themselves and their families in the future.  The purpose of this vocational training program is to help youth from our group home (Casa Timoteo, learn online technologies by promoting them in their spare time.  This opportunity provides real hope and valuable experience to the older children who participate.  It also gives the younger children who are watching hope of a better future which motivates them to study and prepare.

How It Works

David is one of our participants

Timothy House youth send emails to owners of websites asking permission to evaluate their web presence.  Next, they use tools that we provide to make free recommendations for improvement to the owners that respond.  These recommendations promote the web development and promotion services of where appropriate.  If an owner purchases services, then the youth that provided the recommendation earns a commission.

Program Sponsors

Casa Timoteo ( or Timothy House and were both started by Bob Huber, an American entrepreneur and missionary.   Bob started Timothy House in Mexico in 2007.  Its mission  is to raise orphaned and abandoned children to be faithful and responsible parents.   The goal of Agile is to provide excellent, affordable online solutions such as responsive, bilingual websites.  By doing business with Agile, you are also helping orphans.

How You Can Help

The youth love to hear back from the website owners they contact.  They want to provide helpful recommendations.  We ask that you let them do so and interact with them.  Then, if we can be of service, the youth earn a small commission on the sale, which of course is also a great encouragement to them.

The Timothy House Family (Bob and his wife Joy in back row)