A Responsive Website – Do You Need One?

churchDid you know that about half of the people visiting your website do so with a mobile device?  This can be a problem if websites were not designed to work well on mobile devices.  We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to click on tiny buttons and menus and not being able to read microscopic text.

The good news is that a new technology has been developed that enables a website to look and work great both on a desktop computer and a small mobile phone.  This technology is called “responsive design.”  A responsive designed website automatically resizes and reformates itself to fit any screen size.

As more and more websites become responsive, consumers are rapidly demanding it.  Already they are avoiding sites that are not meeting their needs to conveniently navigate with hand held devices.  This means that if your site is not responsive, it looks outdated at best.  Worst case, you could be losing business.

So, do you need a Responsive Design Website?  The answer is YES!