Promotional Videos and Explainer Videos

VideoVideo can be without question the most compelling content on your site.  There are so many ways to present video.  If it is within your budget, it is something that we definitely recommend that you consider adding to your online presence.  You can expect that most videos will cost between $1000 and $3000.

Step #1:  Defining the Goal

First we need to know what you want to accomplish with the video.  Do you want to explain a concept?  Do you want the viewer to take a specific action?

Step #2:  Write the Script

The script needs to hit the target set in step #1.  Often the script will follow 3 points such as:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Call to action
Step #3:  Create the Audio

The step includes a professional voice over and the addition of appropriate sound effects and sound track.

Step #4:  Create the Video

Once all of the content video is recorded, it also is put together with the audio track.

Step #5:  Delivery

Video can be presented on social media websites and also prominently displayed on your website.