Online Advertising

urban-438393_1280Step #1:  Defining the Value Proposition

There is no short cut to online marketing.  The only way to create an effective and efficient web presence is to start with a clear understanding of your goals for the website.   This involves defining how the organization creates value and for whom.

Step #2:  Create the Website

The website needs to be designed and created specifically for the value proposition defined in step one.  The valuable proposition determines all the content, text, images, video, and how it is organized and navigated.   SEO or Search Engine Optimization means that key search terms are developed and used throughout the site in such a way as to improve the sites rank on search engines.

Step #3:  Promoting the Website

In addition to the “free” traffic that can be generated via SEO as mentioned in step #2, the following methods can also be used to generate website traffic and leads:

  • Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC) – Display vs search ads can promote your site.  You pay nothing to display the ads.  You pay only for visitors.
  • Re-marketing – This is the ability to display ads (at a later date) to people who visit your site.
  • Social Media – Having a presence on YouTube, Facebook, etc. creates more validity for your brand.
  • Content Marketing (In-bound) – Adding relevant posts to your blog regularly helps develop relationship with prospective customers.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Giving incentives to others to promote your products of services is made easy by online affiliate networks.
Step #4:  Lead Nurturing

In depends on the product or service, but generally people do not buy immediate.  Therefore remaining in contact with them over time greatly increases the chances that they will eventually purchase from you instead of another vendor.  Email marketing by building an auto-response email list is a very low cost and effective way to do this.  In addition, you may want to consider using a CRM, or customer relationship management tool.  Some of these tools are available for free online and can be used to create a “sales funnel.”

Step #5:  Re-evaluate and Update

It is important to note that these processes are never really done.  As long as technology, the marketplace, and your organization continue to change, so will your online marketing strategy and tactics.