Offline-Capable Web and Mobile Apps

It’s amazing what you can do with mobile apps running on smart phones.  Millions of consumer applications are already available.  We’ve all heard the joke “there is an app for that!”  It does seem like there is an app for almost everything, but that is not the case withing the business community where applications are more data intensive and mission critical.  The mobile business revolution is really just getting started.  This is because in order for a data-dependent business app to work it must be connected to a data source via the Internet in order to work.  Since a constant connection is impossible to guarantee, they need special programming that enables them to function offline.  This offline capability is critically important and somewhat complicated to deliver.

Mobile business applications aren’t truly mobile if they can’t work offline, and, until now, organizations were faced with a tripling of time and cost when adding offline functionality to a business app (Wired Magazine, June 2014).

Whether the app envision involves inventory, bar-coding, ticketing, delivery, reporting, sales or whatever, we can help you build it.  We use tools that allow us to add robust disconnected operation into business apps with much less incremental effort or cost.