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Get FREE advertising for your business or ministry, plus help teenage orphans get vocational training.


Hi!  I´m Alexis.  I’d like to tell you about an exciting new way to promotion your organization while helping orphans at the same time!  And there is no cost to you.


More about Me

My Facebook Page – so that you know I’m a real person

Here’s my picture of my orphanage family.

I grew up in an orphanage in Mexico, and now that I’m in college, I work part time promoting businesses in order to support myself.  I’d like to add you to the list I am promoting.

How this Works

How?  With our directory and emailing list for free.  Also, offer premium promotion for a fee, such as website, SEM, videos, email marketing, etc.

Featured Business:

Please check out this business that caters to the hispanic community.  They build fantastic websites and promote them.  If you buy, please mention that I sent you, and I’ll earn a small commission.

Thank you!  God bless!