eLearning or Mobile Learning via Your Own Online Academy

online-learning-websiteYou can “own” your own online academy and design and deliver beautiful courses, multimedia content, interactive questions, forums, chat and assessments.  Create video-driven courses, share audio, create quizzes, allow users to upload and download and participate in discussions.  Easily create a course and add, invite or promote it to students.  Run your courses for free, or sell them to participants through credit card, PayPal or manual payments, with over a dozen payment gateways.

Available Features Include:
  • Live ‘Chat’ Integration
  • Allow course preview
  • Powerful student grading, reporting (including automatic grading and reporting)
  • Offer course certification and printed certificates
  • Track student progress from start to finish

Every true teacher at heart dreams of having his or her own online academy.  Now they can with this affordable, customizable, cloud-based learning system.  Upload your multimedia content to your own branded education platform. Organize it into courses.  Easily invite participants to sign up for courses and work together.