A Message from David

churchYour Site Does not Appear to be Working Very Well!

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If your site is not responsive (does not automatically adjust to small screens) half of your visitors (those using mobile devices) probably will not read or navigate it.
Also, if you don’t have a version of your site that is optimized for the Hispanic market, you might be losing the opportunity presented by this growing sector.

Discover How to Reach the Growing Hispanic Market!

I would like to introduce you to someone who can help solve these problems quickly, but first I must explain why I’m doing this.
Hi! I’m David. I grew up in a group home in Mexico called “Casa Timoteo.” It was founded by Bob Huber. Bob also has a business in Indiana called “AgileOnlineSolutions.com.”  Now that I’m a teenager, Bob is giving me this opportunity to work from here in Mexico in my spare time.  I hope to learn this job and support myself in the future.
I’m promoting Bob’s business because he builds and promotes great responsive, bilingual websites.  By choosing Bob to update your website, you will be helping teenagers like me too.
This opportunity to learn and earn gives hope to all of the children here at Casa Timoteo. Having a vision of a better future motivates us to study and prepare.
I ask you to consider letting us serve you. To get started, simply fill out the form below:


More About Me and Timothy House

The Timothy House mission is to raise orphaned and abandoned children to be faithful and responsible parents. Clothing, food and advice are not enough. We need a profession so that we can provide for our families in the future. For years Bob has searched for ways to help us learn a trade. This is the best way that he has found.
Here is my Facebook page in case you want to learn more about me. There is also a photo of my family below.
Please check out AgileOnlineSolutions.com and if you buy something, tell Bob I sent you (so that I can earn a small commission).
Thank you! God bless you!
My Family