Church, Ministry and Fundraising Websites

churchWe believe there is an appropriate role that technology can play in ministry and fundraising.  I’m not a big fan of social media platforms that keep people preoccupied with trivial issues.  With our solutions we can avoid that type of functionality.  We aim to deliver online forums that are purposeful, focused and productive.

We have a variety of options that we offer churches and other non-profit organizations for fundraising.  I will share some of the available features here as a starting point.

Church Features Include:
  • Sermon publishing (text, audio and video formats)
  • Organize by topic or reference
  • Podcasting
  • Events, blog, photos, videos, staff, locations
  • Donations
  • Mobile-friendly (responsive design)


Fundraising Features Include:
  • Manage a simple personal fundraiser
  • Create a complete crowdfunding network
  • No hosting fees means more money for your project
  • Show progress towards goals
  • Offer rewards
  • Option to only collect if the project is funded
  • Set a start and end date for reaching goals
  • Create reward packages per donation levels, including time limits